The return of the Babadook…

Babadook got out of his cage about two weeks ago. The night I ended up in the Emergency Room (ER), he went with me, and he hasn’t left my side ever since. The only thing Babadook cannot touch – the only part of my life he does not get to participate in – is my... Continue Reading →


My friend, Dr. Jacqueline Irwin, posted the following on facebook:“I’m looking for 6 Sac State Alumni to participate in an advice project for the summer/fall terms. It entails writing or videoing yourself now and then when the term comes, giving some feedback to their questions. The format is 24 pieces of advice/thoughts on life, as... Continue Reading →

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The Babadook (from the archives)

Originally posted September 11, 2020 There is a tight pain in my chest and it’s not because of the smoke in the air. If you’ve never seen the movie the Babadook, I suggest you do. It is essentially an allegory for mental disorder. He is that dark place your mind wanders to when you’ve lost... Continue Reading →

Choose to see the beauty

I’m not a stupid person. I’m not naive. I know the state of things. I know the ugliest parts and I’ve been to hell and back. The world is in disarray and there is so much ugliness. And fucking covid… But still…. I choose to see the beauty in the world. I know, I KNOW, this... Continue Reading →

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