The nerves!

Literally. I am just coming off of the worst nerve damage (neuropathy) flare up I have had in months – maybe even years! When I woke up the other day, I thought to myself, “what a lovely day for a walk!” I had a sinus/nerve headache and thought maybe the fresh air would help. It … More The nerves!

An open letter…

This is an open letter to someone who may never see it. Someone who likely doesn’t care. It’s not even just one person, but more than one, that is no longer there. But I need to say this, I need to let it out, I realized today it’s so bottled up inside that it makes … More An open letter…

Mindful Muting

Hey kids, it’s been a minute. For someone that lives like a bear in the woods (shout out to Masha and the Bear), I sure am busy. Lately, work has been hectic, and Peanut hasn’t been in the mood to be inside the house. This leads to a lot of conflict, both external and internal. … More Mindful Muting

I choose you.

I believe Peanut chose me. When you’re trying to have a baby I imagine it to be a bit like an adoption process. Hear me out… If you’ve ever adopted a dog – you know the process. You go to the shelter, walk down the rows of dogs with tags telling you their backstory, and … More I choose you.