The pain of the pressure. The battle of the bathroom.

Tiny human is three years old. She is smart, quick, clever, tall, active, inquisitive, and beautiful. But she refuses to potty train. When I use the word “refuse” it is not with exaggeration. She knows how to hold it when she has to. She knows how to pull down the training paints. She knows how … More The pain of the pressure. The battle of the bathroom.

What a birthday…

Last week was my birthday, and the entire damn week was a whirlwind in the most positive way! I assumed my birthday would be the usual uneventful day but boy was I wrong… I should have known it was going to be extra special this year when I received an early birthday gift from my … More What a birthday…

Staying in Oz.

For some unknown reason, late into my pregnancy I got into the soundtrack for the musical The Wiz. Not the original, but the tv adaptation starring Queen Latifa and Mary J Blige. I would sing the songs to the baby in utero. When I gave birth to Peanut I was in the hospital alone. She … More Staying in Oz.


My friend, Dr. Jacqueline Irwin, posted the following on facebook:“I’m looking for 6 Sac State Alumni to participate in an advice project for the summer/fall terms. It entails writing or videoing yourself now and then when the term comes, giving some feedback to their questions. The format is 24 pieces of advice/thoughts on life, as … More Twenty-four