Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…

Do you ever really know someone? Your partner, your kid, your best friend? Yourself? There is someone that I used to know. Or I thought I knew. They were my best friend. I likely was not theirs, but they were mine. And I was myself. Anxiety, depression, goofy and weird and all. I shared and asked. But this person, they decided to cut me out … Continue reading Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…

Staying in Oz.

For some unknown reason, late into my pregnancy I got into the soundtrack for the musical The Wiz. Not the original, but the tv adaptation starring Queen Latifa and Mary J Blige. I would sing the songs to the baby in utero. When I gave birth to Peanut I was in the hospital alone. She was born a little after 4am, and I had been … Continue reading Staying in Oz.


My friend, Dr. Jacqueline Irwin, posted the following on facebook:“I’m looking for 6 Sac State Alumni to participate in an advice project for the summer/fall terms. It entails writing or videoing yourself now and then when the term comes, giving some feedback to their questions. The format is 24 pieces of advice/thoughts on life, as I have a theme going now over the last year … Continue reading Twenty-four

Why we need to CANCEL Cinco de Mayo

Hear me out. I am, in general, ANTI CANCEL CULTURE. It is fucking annoying. The idea that you can “cancel” someone is idiocy, in my opinion. BUT if we are going to carry on with this way of molding society and pop culture, then I propose the United States and Americans who celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and the celebration as it stands, get cancelled. I am … Continue reading Why we need to CANCEL Cinco de Mayo

Choose to see the beauty

I’m not a stupid person. I’m not naive. I know the state of things. I know the ugliest parts and I’ve been to hell and back. The world is in disarray and there is so much ugliness. And fucking covid… But still…. I choose to see the beauty in the world. I know, I KNOW, this probably sounds like the rantings of a delusional single parent. … Continue reading Choose to see the beauty

Popular Excerpts from the Archives

April 7, 2020 Perspective, Patience, Purpose People who suffers from PTSD are prone to problematic patterns when placed in positions of perilous predicaments such as a pandemic. My method of survival is perspective, patience, and purpose. When you suffer from any sort of mental health condition (and even when you don’t!) you have to be hyper vigilant and self aware when faced with high stress … Continue reading Popular Excerpts from the Archives

Hi, my name is Teddy, and I’m a recovering villain.

El Cuco (Folklore Demond): “why were you so quick to accept my existence?” Holly (investigator): “An outsider can always recognize another outsider.” The Outsider, HBO It is no secret that I used to believe I was meant to be a villain. I was cruel in a way that leaves permanent scars. A lot of my reasoning stemmed from self hatred. Other from being bullied. Classic tale … Continue reading Hi, my name is Teddy, and I’m a recovering villain.