The Test of Trust

I know I say this often, but it would surprise me more if people weren’t so predictable. I try my best to expect very little of most people, and yet somehow they still find a way to be predictably disappointing. To be fair, this happens when I think there’s more to someone than what meets … More The Test of Trust

The pain of the pressure. The battle of the bathroom.

Tiny human is three years old. She is smart, quick, clever, tall, active, inquisitive, and beautiful. But she refuses to potty train. When I use the word “refuse” it is not with exaggeration. She knows how to hold it when she has to. She knows how to pull down the training paints. She knows how … More The pain of the pressure. The battle of the bathroom.


Tiny and I took a leap and a risk and visited her grandparents in Spain! It was terrifying (cooties and all), exhausting as hell, fun, stressful, and everything in between! It was Tiny’s first flight and it was a LONG one. She took it like a champ both ways. Overall, a success for Tiny!

Testing me…

This week, the Lord has been testing me. I am most definitely being challenged in a way that I was not anticipating nor prepared for. As many of you know, I am very overprotective of my tiny human. In a world of pandemics and lunatics, it is us against the world (with our tribe of … More Testing me…