Is Nationwide on my side?

So Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. And I do not give a fuck about it, so don’t ask.

Last Monday I was on the freeway with my tiny human safely secured in her car seat, when traffic came to a quick stop. All of the cars stopped safely ahead of me, including myself. As I always do when there is a sudden stop, I looked behind me. What I saw was the most horrific sight any mother can imagine… A big rig skidding towards my car at a speed fast enough to ensure a collision. All I could think was, my tiny human is going to get injured.

I have a small Corolla hatchback, but thankfully I am quick in an emergency situation (thank you, Sacramento FD EMS training!). I looked around for possible moves. Traffic was too intense to my left with high traffic, and to the right was the shoulder which was too narrow to get next to the car ahead of me, so my only option was to inch as close as I could to the car ahead of me and move as far left without getting in the way of traffic. Why left? Because the big rig was turning right to try to avoid collision as well, scraping along the shoulder, and I wanted to give him as much room as possible to minimize damage.

The whole thing felt like it was happening in slow motion. When the big rig made contact, I knew it was a lot of damage, but it was specific to the car and trunk contents. Thankfully, Peanut was safe. Albeit, crying and terrified, but not a scratch to be found. I watched her carefully throughout the day to make sure she didn’t seem to be in pain or discomfort. The car was still drivable, so I was able to get us home.

The Aftermath…

I has been almost two weeks since the accident. The Nationwide representative is only available during my work hours. The accident was deemed the other driver’s fault, who admitted to it, but the other insurance needs to “conduct an investigation.” No ETA on when that will be done.

My Nationwide adjustor is one of the most condescending people I’ve spoken to – and I’ve met some very shitty people. Elk Grove Toyota can’t even LOOK at my car until May 17th. A month and a half after the accident. The car is drivable but not safely – a risk I want to minimize as I have a small traumatized toddler. Insurance covers a rental for 30 days, which means the smart move is to wait until the car is being worked on to get the rental.
No safe car for a month and a half. Okay…

Then Toyota tells me that they anticipate car parts taking 4-6 weeks to arrive AFTER they are ordered which will not happen until AFTER their deeper assessment when they can take the car apart.

Lets do the math… May 17 + Assessment and ordering of parts + 4 to 6 weeks of parts to arrive + install of parts = minimum 12 weeks without a safe operating vehicle.

Yet, THIS is what being fully covered with insurance looks like! And being the victim in the accident. Smh… I’m starting to think Nationwide is not on my side…

Meanwhile, insomnia and anxiety are at an all time high getting shitty service from Nationwide, and no response from Gallagher Bassett (the other insurance). I’m tense, my head hurts, and my back hurts – certainly all from the stress. I am grateful that Peanut was not injured as I was certain in that moment she would be, but not that the dust has settled I am overwhelmed and honestly… really pissed the fuck off.

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