I choose you.

I believe Peanut chose me.

When you’re trying to have a baby I imagine it to be a bit like an adoption process. Hear me out… If you’ve ever adopted a dog – you know the process. You go to the shelter, walk down the rows of dogs with tags telling you their backstory, and then you pick the one you want to meet and maybe make part of your family. I imagine it to be the same when our tiny humans are selecting their parents.

Let me explain – Peanut does not speak yet. But there are certain facial expression or actions she does that tell me far more than her words could. Today was a perfect example – she wanted her favorite blanket, which I washed but forgot to put in the dryer. I took out a different blanket and offered it to her, trying to sell her on it. Sales pitches including, “so soft! Oooh nice! Cozy!“ and the like. She sat there staring at me and then forced the politest fakest smile, reached out and took the blanket, and patted me as to say, “well, you tried…” Right at that moment I felt for my child, who I imagine walked through the shelter of parent hopefuls and saw my profile:

*Hopes to be your one and only!

Age: 35 (at the time Peanut chose me)

Height: short

Color: Brown-ish; Mexican

Status: Single

Health: not great, but will manage

Personality traits:

Pros: smart, employed, will keep you fed and a roof over your head, you will always have pets, hugs and kisses, and the latest in technology.

Cons: anxious, anti-social, can get sassy, can get a temper.

Overall: Fixer Upper with Potential

And my sweet and sassy girl saw me and thought… “I can work with this.” And let’s face it, it was not a competitive market – there was clearly not a lot interest seeing as I was having a hell of a time getting pregnant.

Nonetheless, even if she took pity on me, or maybe thought she would be a princess on a pedestal with me (which she is), I am grateful Peanut picked me. I think we may have even had a meet-and-greet like you do with pets. I remember having a very vivid dream before I got pregnant, that I had a daughter with green eyes and dark curly hair. I’d like to think we met out in the universe, and I made a good impression. Obviously.

Big girl bed curtesy of her uncle Wesley
Chalkboard wall!
Home office supervisors

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