What a birthday…

Last week was my birthday, and the entire damn week was a whirlwind in the most positive way! I assumed my birthday would be the usual uneventful day but boy was I wrong… I should have known it was going to be extra special this year when I received an early birthday gift from my good Judy, Jenny – she sent me a Golden Girls toy set! I was far more excited than a grown woman should be about a toy of old ladies.

The week before my birthday I had interviewed for a promotional opportunity with a different state agency so I went into the week pretty anxious. But by the end of the day on Tuesday of my birthday week I had been given an informal offer! I even told the manager – what a wonderful birthday present!

I took the day before my birthday off to take Peanut to the beach for the first time – something I had planned a while back but did not consider the weather. What can I say, we are in California so the weather is never that extreme! Well, that is, to me. I didn’t account for tiny human temperatures. So when we got to the beach it was rather chilly and we ultimately did not end up staying there too long, but to be honest, it was not a disappointment. The road trip there was just as fun. Every time I looked back Peanut was staring out the window in awe and curiosity. And when she got bored I turned on her Spanish songs and we sang along together. She laughed and sang and it was adorable.

When we arrived she ran to the beach with such excitement, and was taken aback by the nature of sand under her feet. This was her very first experience with sand and she loved it. It was so amazing watching her discover it. Then as we got closer to the Ocean I thought she would be scared, but she wasn’t. She walked head on towards it and was quickly swept off her feet by a strong wave! Now, before you say anything, of course I had her on a baby harness and was right behind her to pick her up. She cried for a minute and I thought she would be done, but my brave little baby stood there firmly waiting for the next wave. Before I knew it we had spent an hour laughing at the waves crashing at us. But it was chilly and I could feel her little body getting extra cold so I had to cut our adventure short. Which was a bummer because she was really enjoying it. I had to drag her away sad and promise to bring her back.

The next day was my actual birthday and Peanut and I did what seems to be our tradition on both our birthdays – we went to the park to see the geese and ducks. It was pretty chill and we shared a chocolate chip Frappuccino.

We then had a lovely visit from tia Lindsey who came over to the house to catch up and bring some delicious chocolate chip and walnut cookies (my favorite!).

As far as I was concerned, this was the perfect end to birthday celebrations but then I was surprised by two more! I have recently started spending more time developing a close friendship with one of my cousins. As you all know, I have a ton of anxieties when it comes to blood relatives, but when I saw her at our grandfather’s funeral in February, something in my heart just told me to take a chance and try to connect. She was pregnant at the time, and I have only a small handful of mom friends, so I reached out and guess what y’all? She reached right back out! So now we are becoming good friends, and just her family wishing me happy birthday and sending me a Dutch Bros gift card, was very special to me. That, combined with my sister taking me out to dinner was like a perfect way to round out a pretty special birthday. Not to mention I was with my #1 all day, Peanut.

But wait! Our story doesn’t end there! I was one of the many nerds who pre-ordered an iPad Mini 6 in purple (of course), and on my birthday I got notified that it shipped and would arrive the very next day. It was three weeks early and I was here for the Gods smiling down on me and giving me my birthday present to myself early!

Naturally, my birthday wouldn’t be right if I didn’t see my October birthday buddies and Peanut’s aunt and uncle Karma and Bradden. So Sunday we had a very special day at Uncle Bradden and Uncle Ryan’s house. We had waffles and sausage, and then Peanut went into their hot tub – her first hot tub/pool experience! She loved it! It was so adorable and amazing to see her excitement. Her uncle Ryan was so good about playing with her and splashing around with her. But since he’s not a baby person, Uncle Bradden and Tia Karma were right there with us as lifeguards – both Peanut and Ryan need it! Ha!

And after an exciting week of birthday celebration, the following Monday I got the official offer letter for my new job!

I’m still scared of covid especially for my tiny human, and I wish people would act right, but overall – I cannot complain. At the moment life is pretty sweet!

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