Endings bring about new beginnings…

A lot of things have changed or are in the process of changing recently. GoDaddy fucked up my old website with my House of Peanut blog so I dumped GoDaddy; my co-host in Pckt Cndy podcast has bailed out on me; my parents are moving in a week to another country… These changes all mark the end of something, and I’ve decided to choose to look at them as new beginnings…

Firstly, the House of Peanut website will stay up for only a couple more weeks after a dispute with GoDaddy over the SSL cert and some other issues. They are overpriced and moving at a glacial pace, holding my blog hostage in the interim. So I say, fuck it. I needed to fresh start with my branding between this and Pckt Cndy coming to an end, so I am moving on. Adding to the GoDaddy drama is the end of Pckt Cndy. I won’t lie, I was holding out hope that we would pick back up on it, but I low key knew that when my co-host announced he was moving away it was the end. I saw the end of a dream that could have really been something special. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to try to find my voice on my own in my own podcast whilst rebranding, but the back and forth we had seemed to be a hidden gem the world might need. But oh well… We move and grow and arises this new stage in life… But I will be bringing over some of the posts that got a lot of feedback so we have them here in the archives.

So what is CuiQuee you ask?

My daughter doesn’t speak much. She just turned two years old this month and only says a few coherent words, but otherwise only makes efforts that result in random sounds. One of the things she says all the time sounds like “k-wee k-wee”. It sounds super cute and she says it to ask for all the things – it almost feels like a placeholder for words she hasn’t learned yet. So I sat here (longer than I care to admit) wondering how you would spell what she is saying. Then I also wondered, would it be spelled the same in English as in Spanish? Likely not, and since it would be spelled different, which spelling do I use? So I came up with CuiQuee. I imagined that in English it would likely be Quee, whilst in Spanish it would possibly be Cui. Since we are a bilingual household and she is a mixed baby, it felt like the best result would be a mix of the both (which also made for a unique and fun looking word!). Also, since it’s a made up word, I can really spell it however the fuck I want!

So welcome to CuiQuee. A blog about the same as what you would find in House of Peanut. A podcast that will be the same as what you found on Teddy Untitled (albeit slightly more polished). A website that in theory should be more secure and run faster. But above all, still the same content creators – your girls Teddy and Peanut!

This is all to say, I am also taking this as an opportunity for a fresh start. For a new beginning of the adventures of Teddy and Peanut taking on the world. CuiQuee style.

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