Why we need to CANCEL Cinco de Mayo

Hear me out. I am, in general, ANTI CANCEL CULTURE. It is fucking annoying. The idea that you can “cancel” someone is idiocy, in my opinion. BUT if we are going to carry on with this way of molding society and pop culture, then I propose the United States and Americans who celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and the celebration as it stands, get cancelled.

I am Mexican. Like I got the DNA test and all! I am mainly Mesoamerican:

What race is Mesoamerican?
Mesoamerican Indian, member of any of the indigenous peoples inhabiting Mexico and Central America (roughly between latitudes 14° N and 22° N). Distribution of Meso-American Indians. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Mesoamerican Indian cultures have a common origin in the pre-Columbian civilizations of the area.

So I am MEXICAN and as I get further in touch with my history and culture, I am finding it very difficult to accept the level of comedy the American culture applies to customs and apparel of my culture. The images I provided [below] are “Cinco de Mayo Costumes” that came up when I looked up the holiday on Amazon.

Cinco De Mayo Costume - Mexican Costumes for the entire family

Yet, when you ask many of the people drinking margaritas on May 5th, they have no idea why they are making fun of traditional Mexican festive apparel and eating Mexican food.

Cinco de Mayo represents a historical even from 1862, when Mexico fought France in the Battle of Puebla. Mexico basically owed France, England and Spain a bunch of money. England and Spain landed on an agreement but France chose violence — and a battle ensued. Mexico won but still lost less than a year later; France conquered Mexico. But the battle gave Mexicans a sense of national pride so the battle of Puebla was declared a holiday.

Here’s the tea though, it’s not really a big deal in Mexico anymore. There is no pomp and circumstance around the holiday – it is a fairly minor day like many of the smaller holidays we have here in the United States. Yet, the US hijacked the holiday of Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to eat Mexican food and get drunk. Most Americans think it is Mexican Independence day (which is actually September 16). And, look, I get that the United States doesn’t have a rich culture. It was built on lies, murder, rape, and exploitation. So Americans pick from other cultures to celebrate and enjoy… and, sure, fine, that’s great. I do not mind that part. What bothers me is when the Mexican culture is made to look like a joke, or like we are a bunch of drunks in funny costumes. Our culture and apparel has a rich history and symbolism, so I just ask for respect of that aspect — and from the looks of things like the “cinco de mayo costumes”, that respect is not there.

To be honest, it pisses me off. I don’t want to hear how you’re excited to get plastered on a holiday you have no idea about and wear a sombrero because they are funny. Don’t use my culture as an excuse to make an ass out of yourself. Just let your freak flag fly and be a fool because you want to. Leave my culture and home country out of it. Periodt. I said what I said.

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