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What is Cuiquee?

In short, it is my daughter’s first word – which I know is not a real word but she uses it to refer to me, and it turned into our word. This is all dedicated to her.

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Good natured predator.

When people try to use blood relation as an excuse for forgiveness, my go-to response is, “Hitler had relatives. Being uncle Hitler doesn’t mean you have to love him.” Not all our relatives are good. And not all our relatives are good to us. Some are selectively kind, some are backstabbers, and some are varying […]

Don’t poke the f**king bear.

There’s a well known saying, “don’t poke the bear,” which is used to refer to a bad temper (Madadook, if you will). People said it about me and I used to be embarrassed by it. At one point, I pretended to embrace it, but inside it truly hurt my feelings and I would cry because […]

Babadook’s sister, Madadook…

I’ve decided that the Babadook can’t be a standalone character in my version of him. The original, of course, is a monster from the book, Monster, by Jennifer Kent (who also wrote the screenplay and directed the movie, The Babadook. While I refer to the Babadook as the monster inside my head who is always […]

Is Nationwide on my side?

So Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. And I do not give a fuck about it, so don’t ask. Last Monday I was on the freeway with my tiny human safely secured in her car seat, when traffic came to a quick stop. All of the cars stopped safely ahead of me, including myself. As I […]

Friends in smarter places…
If you want to read more, I suggest checking out Digital Manticore. A blog about life, hobbies, and interesting reads.
She is one of the smartest people we known and brings a lot of great insight. Worth the read!

Friends in musical places..
Feeling musical? See what is happening in the world of our friend David Taylor Gomes. He is a composer and musical artist who also co-hosted the limited series podcast, Pckt Cndy, with the author of Cuiquee blog.

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If you want to know about the mind behind Casa Cuiquee check out the bios.

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