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What a birthday…

Last week was my birthday, and the entire damn week was a whirlwind in the most positive way! I assumed my birthday would be the usual uneventful day but boy was I wrong… I should have known it was going to be extra special this year when I received an early birthday gift from my … More

Christopher Columbus

I’m like 80% of Mexican/American Native descent – got the DNA test and all. From both sides of my family there is a strong Native American MesoAmerican blood line, and with a DNA tests I was able to see how much of that I got from my parents. Without sounding too cheesy, I always felt … More

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…

Do you ever really know someone? Your partner, your kid, your best friend? Yourself? There is someone that I used to know. Or I thought I knew. They were my best friend. I likely was not theirs, but they were mine. And I was myself. Anxiety, depression, goofy and weird and all. I shared and … More

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