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What is Cuiquee?

In short, it is my daughter’s first word – which I know is not a real word but she uses it to refer to me, and it turned into our word. This is all dedicated to her.

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Will you marry me?

The topic of marriage has been a topic of discussion lately and I was recently asked about proposal ideas. I thought I would share my best (and by best I mean worst and most hilarious) suggestions… The Scare-Posal The general idea is the same but the execution varies. Essentially, you scare your future fiancé in […]

Rainbow armor, scars, and stories.

Today on this throwback Thursday I am thinking of the treatment I receive from those around me regarding my tattoos, and the truth surrounding their origins. People comment on my tattoos a lot. They ask what they mean, if they hurt, or simply tell me they love the colors. But it is not always reactions […]

TAKEN. (but with less violence)

Today something truly frightening happened… my furbaby little quiet man Patrick was taken! And just like Liam Neeson I was prepared to unpack my secret skillset that would surely reek rampage across this tiny town-like city I call home. My good friend, Lindsey, and her hubby were at the house and ready to jump on […]

We also have “the talk”…

Us Latinos have our own version of “the talk.” You know the one. The unfortunate conversation every Black parent has to have with their child. The talk about the way the world around perceives you. The disadvantages. And worst of all, the fears and caution to be used with those around – including police and […]

Friends in smarter places…
If you want to read more, I suggest checking out Digital Manticore. A blog about life, hobbies, and interesting reads.
She is one of the smartest people we known and brings a lot of great insight. Worth the read!

Friends in musical places..
Feeling musical? See what is happening in the world of our friend David Taylor Gomes. He is a composer and musical artist who also co-hosted the limited series podcast, Pckt Cndy, with the author of Cuiquee blog.

More from Cuiquee…
If you want to know about the mind behind Casa Cuiquee check out the bios.

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