Welcome to my new site! If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again… Formerly the House of Peanut. A blog and podcast about parenting, tv, mental health, and finding the humor in it all!

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I choose you.

I believe Peanut chose me. When you’re trying to have a baby I imagine it to be a bit like an adoption process. Hear me out… If you’ve ever adopted a dog – you know the process. You go to the shelter, walk down the rows of dogs with tags telling you their backstory, and … Continue reading I choose you.

Thank you for being a friend…

Hi friends. I haven’t posted in a while because while my new job is AMAZING, it is also amazingly time consuming. I am exhausted beyond belief between work and a magically wonderful but overly energetic toddler, many things have taken a backseat. Today I woke up in a good mood. Excited for my first formal … Continue reading Thank you for being a friend…

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