Welcome to my new site! If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again, bitch! Formerly the House of Peanut. A blog and podcast about parenting, tv, mental health, and all kinds of other nonsense and fun!

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Viva Mexico!

September 15 we celebrate El Grito which marks the anniversary of “the yell” announcing Mexico’s freedom from Spain. We yell out “Viva Mexico!” September 16 carries over the celebration of independence. It is a beautiful celebration of color, life, culture, and national pride. This year was my first year where I have been in a… Continue Reading →

Staying in Oz.

For some unknown reason, late into my pregnancy I got into the soundtrack for the musical The Wiz. Not the original, but the tv adaptation starring Queen Latifa and Mary J Blige. I would sing the songs to the baby in utero. When I gave birth to Peanut I was in the hospital alone. She… Continue Reading →

summer changes and summer adventures…

We are one week away from the world of Peanut getting a little bit smaller; the departure of my parents to another country will make for quite the adjustment for my tiny human. Don’t get me wrong, she is so damn strong and resilient already at the tender age of two, but it breaks my… Continue Reading →

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